Forestry Certification

West Linn Paper FSC® Certification

All of the pulp used in all of our FSC-certified grades is tracked and documented through the chain-of-custody process. This means that they are made with pulp acquired from forests that are well-managed in accordance with the FSC's principles and criteria and are labeled with the FSC logo. In addition, we have initiated a "pulp sourcing policy" which regularly survey our standard pulp suppliers to obtain information about their forestry practices.

With our Nature product lines, choosing a Nature 10 grade means 10% is PCW fiber and the remaining 90% of the fiber is FSC-certified. If you choose Nature 30 grades, then 30% is PCW content and the remaining 70% will be FSC-certified fiber. The Sonoma or Capistrano FSC-certified product credits 100% of the fiber as FSC certified.

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SFI® Certification

Covering the US and Canada, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) program is an independent, non-profit organization with an internationally recognized forest management standard. The SFI certified sourcing label is proof that West Linn Paper Company is using fiber from responsible and legal sources. This demonstrates West Linn Paper Company's support for improved forestry practices and strong communities across North America. For more information on the SFI program, please visit

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